Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a reliable garage door company in Canada?
You should look online or ask your family or friends for recommendations. It’s advisable to ask for an estimate to find the approximate pricing of the various garage door services before choosing any.
Can I replace one section of my garage door without affecting others?
Yes, you can replace one section of your door without replacing the rest. If you are not sure about whether to repair or replace the door, call our professionals for inspection and get the best advice.
How do I repair my garage door?
Garage door is the largest moving part of every home. So, it is advised to call a professional garage door service instead of doing the repair job yourself. Professionals have the right tools and techniques to undertake repair jobs efficiently.
Why is my garage door creating so much noise?
A noisy garage door can be the outcome of worn springs, poor stability and broken hinges.
What are carriage style garage doors?
Carriage style garage doors are stylish doors as they have decorative windows and hardware that enhances the curb appeal of your house.
My garage door opener is not working. What to do?
There can be various reasons behind a malfunction garage door opener. Possible issues may include dead battery, a PIN malfunction or stuck keys.
Why should I choose steel door over wooden door?
Steel garage doors are robust than wood doors. Wood doors should be maintained periodically to prevent rotting. Steel doors offer high R-value which means you get an energy-efficient door. Unlike wood doors, they don’t absorb moisture and perform for years to come.
Why use Torsion Springs?
Torsion springs render proper balance and ease of operation. They allow the door to raise and lower with ease, ensuring the safety of your family and valuables. Make sure you inspect and replace them on a periodic basis to avoid any accident from happening.
Do you offer any warranties?
Yes, all our services and parts are backed by a limited warranty. If our services or products don’t meet your expectations, just make us a call, we will resolve the issue.
My garage door refuses to close all the way. It reverses at the bottom. What should I do?
There might be some issue with the ‘safety eyes’ that send an invisible beam across the door opening. The sensor detects some object in the way of the door and thus sends the door back. The eyes should be properly aligned to prevent such issues. Contact our professionals to get such issues fixed in less time.
What is R-value, and how does it benefit me?
R-value is the thermal efficiency of the door. Higher R-value means greater insulating properties. At Door Master, we carry a wide range of residential and commercial insulated garage doors. The R-value of the doors in mentioned by the manufactures on the product.