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Whether you are looking to install a new garage door or finding the right professionals for your your garage door issues, Door Master is the name for you. A leading garage door service provider in Brantford, Door Master has come a long way since its first service.

Garage doors work throughout the year and are prone to a lot of wear and tear amongst its parts. This can affect the working condition of the garage door or even lead to its total failure. We strongly advise to have regular professional inspections for its care and maintenance.

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Door Master Garage Door Services

Door Master offers all the services which are needed to make your garage door work in the top gear. With experienced professionals, we are an apt choice in Vaughan when it comes to garage door services.

Garage door installation

Garage door sensor repair or replacement

Garage door spring repair & adjustment

Garage door weather stripping

System conversion services

Garage door maintenance

Bent or damaged tracks

Motor installation

Garage door original spare parts

Garage door hardware & parts

Garage door panel replacement

Broken garage door springs

Garage door keypads & remotes

Gear replacement services

And a lot more

Is Any Of Your Garage Door Part Not Working Properly?

As said earlier, garage door parts can tear out after working for years. One should not take this lightly and get them repaired or replaced immediately. We, at Door Master have high quality spare parts of all the leading garage door brands.

We always try to repair a part than replace it, as we don’t want our customers to pay unnecessarily. If the part is worn out too much, we honestly ask you to get it replaced to avoid any damage from occurring in the future.

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