Should You Paint Your Garage Door?

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Did you know? Upgrading your garage door is at the top of the list of home improvements that offer the highest return on your investment. Garage doors contribute a lot to your home’s appearance and value.



It might be worth considering whether the time and effort of repainting it is worth it. Choosing which option is best is a serious decision and we’re here to help!



If your garage door is in good shape this can be an ideal option, and will create an attractive, custom feature for your home.



If you have an older door, or a door that needs any repairs it might not be a great idea to do a paint job in this case. Take a look at your garage door hardware system. Do you see many rusted components? Make sure to look at the parts on the bottom of the door. If you do see lots of rust there, you need to seriously consider the possibility of replacing the entire system.



You also want to be absolutely sure you have the time to set aside to do the job if you choose to do so. Also check that the weather is reasonable, so you can paint it. Having a paint job that is badly done can make your garage door look worse than not painting it at all.



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