If your garage door has jumped off its track, contact our garage door experts at DoorMaster. Off track garage door can be inconvenient, not to metion extremely dangerous. Our trained and skilled technicians provide the clients with effective and durable garage door track repair services, Which can determine the root cause of the issue to ensure that your door stays on track and performs reliably for years to come.

Garage Door Off Track? Don’t Worry!

There can be a variety of reasons behind the door falling off their tracks; sometimes when you accidentally run into the door and dislocate it, and sometimes over use of worn out cables and other mechanism can lead to such situation. If your garage door is off the track, don’t try to move the door on your own as it can be dangerous.

What should you do if the garage door is off track?

When your door is off its track, it is of no use. it can also seal your vehicle or other belongings inside the garage and can also be a safety hazard for you and your family.

In such a situation, it is advisable to call a professional technician for help. Our professionals at DoorMaster can handle such issues adroitly. No matter what caused your door to go off its track, our experts will find the cause and prevent it in a timely and professional manner. We will realign your door efficiently and effectively.

We are your local garage door experts!

When it comes to fixing your garage door track, our technicians utilize proven and best techniques.

  1. We will first examine the tracks to ensure that they are not damaged and are in good working condition
  2. Meticulously assess and adjust track and roller alignment
  3. Properly clean the tracks and lubricate them with high quality lubricant
  4. Check the entire system for any loose or missing parts

At DoorMaster, our professionals are competent of repairing garage door tracks of all makes and models of garage doors. We also offer 24/7 service to our clients. In case you notice any issue with your garage door or garage door track, call our experts immediately. Remember, unaddressed issues can turn into a major issue, so make sure you prevent them at the earliest.

Effective and professional garage door track repair services in Canada. Contact us today!